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GTM Zambian Sonshine is a Christian organization that is striving to help the children of Minamba receive a good education and nutritional food. We allow for growth in the economy by providing jobs for local people and opportunities for leadership.

As our organization grows and we see the many needs of the people in the Minamba region, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Here are some things you can become involved in to touch the lives of those in need. 

Sonshine Community School

Building a School

We continue to build to become a school that is officially recognized by the Zambian government. One way to give, is to donate generally. Another is through our sponsorship program that focuses on helping a child and his or her community receive a good education, nutritional food, and build the economy in their local area.

Under 5 

Healthy Kids

Good health is the foundation of any child’s life, and having access to medical services, vaccinations, and training in disease prevention will provide stronger health for our children and their community. An under-5 clinic is being held once a month at the Sonshine farm for children to be monitored and receive immunizations. 


Clean Water Project

Clean water. It's something that everyone should have access to. Unfortunately, for those in the Minamba region, that is not the case. Help us bring clean water, better health and life to these families. 

Sharing the Gospel

Building a Church

Jesus wants us to make disciples who make disciples, and so, church services have begun in Minamba, and the plans for a building are underway.

Child Sponsorship

A Brighter Future

When you sponsor a child, you are supporting a school. This means that everyone gets to have lunch, will have access to proper textbooks and supplies, as well as trained teachers that will help your sponsor child obtain a good education. 


Join Us

Since 2015, we have been leading trips to Minamba, where we live, learn, and build relationships. To say that it is a life-changing experience is an understatement. Each visit is different for each team, as there is often a new project or event happening while we are there.




We now accept e-transfers!

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