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... of the world's population does not have access to clean drinking water and lack basic sanitation. The area where Sonshine is located in Zambia is one of the areas lacking clean water. This fact came to light in November of 2021, when a grade 4 student at Sonshine Community School named Misheck Kaluma became sick and died from drinking contaminated water from a river near his home.

It is from this unfortunate incident, that The Misheck Kaluma Project for Clean Water came to be, as we remember this bright young boy, and work to bring clean water to Minamba region. 

We are partnering with AFMAC Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (AFMAC SoHIP) in Ndola, to provide Biosand Water Filters (BSF) to as many families as possible. Each filter can provide clean drinking water to a family for 30 to 50 years, with simple care and maintenance. SoHIP builds the filters in Ndola, delivers them to our site, sets them up and provides training for the recipients in the use and care of the filter; all for a cost of $160.00 CDN. You can help us bring clean water, better health and life to these families. 

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