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Global Teaching Ministries is a Registered Canadian Charitable organization that brings the word of Christ to those around the world by providing humanitarian aide and educational opportunities.


Zambian Sonshine is a Division of Global Teaching Ministries that works to help others through educational and humanitarian efforts in Zambia.


Our dream is to see young people thrive, not just survive. 

Kerry was born a missionary - no, really, it's true! She was born in Kenya to missionary parents, and at a young age, she and her family moved back to Canada. She grew up in Southwestern Ontario, and while she enjoyed the farm life there, she always knew that God would call her back to Africa. 

She arrived in Ndola, Zambia in May of 2001, and after being involved with a couple of organizations in the area, she realized the vision that God had given her to go to Minamba, where she now has a self-sustaining farm. It is here that our youth are learning various life skills through practical projects. 

With her faith, support from her home churches, and a team to work out the logistics in several areas, the dream of one has become the dream of many. 


Kerry Reath

Mordecai Chilambe

Jamie Greenwood

John & Laura Bryan

Deb & Ted Scheniman

Field Director & Founder

Missionary Pastor


Our board and support team is also an important part of the Sonshine family, as they help things to run smoothly behind the scenes. 


Executive Director - Kerry Reath

Chair - Jamie Greenwood

Vice Chair - John Bryan

Secretary - Mitchel Hancock

Treasurer - Garry Bennett

Prayer Support - Jim Reath/Laura Bryan

Bookkeeping - Kim Reath

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